Skinnies Instant Lifts®
Clear Adhesive Shapers Instantly Lift, Tuck & Contour Your Body
Thighs • Hips •Tummy • Muffin Top • Arms • Butt • New Swimmers 
The Non Surgical Solution for Cellulite & Sagging Skin





                                     WARNING:  Wearing Skinnies May Cause Excessive Compliments & Super Model Attitude!


                    Instant Lifts for Thighs                      Instant Lifts for Arms   
    Smooths Cellulite & Lifts Sagging Knee Skin               Lifts  Sagging Upper Arms                     
                 "Get Sky High Thighs!"                                      "Bye Bye Flabby Arms!"
                          Starting at 5 Pair $19.95                                                                         Starting at 5 Pair $19.95


       Instant Lifts for Swimming               Instant Lifts for Body 4 Areas
          Wear Under Skirted Swimsuit for                   Lifts Thighs, Tummy, Muffin Top & Hips
      Great Looking Legs, Tummy & Muffin Top
              "They're Swimtastic!"                             "Gravity Is No Longer My Enemy
 Starting at 5 pair $19.95                                                                            Starting at 5 pair $19.95      

                    Instant Lifts for Bottom                 Instant Lifts for Tummy & Muffin
 Lift That Sagging Tush!                                              Hello Tight Tummy!
                    "Bottoms Up!"                                       "You'll Love the Gift of the Combo Lift!"
            Starting at 5 Pair $19.95                                                               Starting at 5 Pair $19.95
    Instant Lifts for INNER Thighs                 Instant Lifts for Backs
    "Make Peace with your Inner Thighs!"                             "They're Backalicious!"

                         Starting at 5 Pair $19.95                                                                              Starting at 5 Pair $19.95

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
                                                             Get Rid of Wrinkles Overnight!                 
                                                        New Smooth Sleepers®
           Clear Strips Stop Eyes & Frown Lines from wrinkling into pillow while you sleep!
                  Prevents new wrinkles and gets rid of those that already exist.  See a difference in
                                          one  night.....Guaranteed!!!
30 Day Supply Eyes & Frown Lines
                                                                            starting at $19.95




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